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General Terms and Conditions

By using our website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of them, you must not use our website. If you register any service on our website, you irrevocably accept our terms and conditions. Our website uses cookies. Using it, and agreeing to its terms and conditions, allows our use of cookies in accordance with our terms of privacy policy.

User Account, Account Registration and Account Deletion

User Account

To be a user, and have access to some features of the website that allow you to reserve available seats in the games, create your games, manage your reservations, edit your profile and make payments, you must create a user account and Play Bonito must activate user access to the Play Bonito Platform. A User can only register on the Play Bonito Platform in their own name. The user's account is transferable only with the consent of Play Bonito. Play Bonito reserves the right to reject an account registration per user without the need to declare reasons for rejection. User data that has been transmitted will then be deleted immediately. Play Bonito also has the right to block a user account at any time. Users are not legally entitled to a user account.

The access, navigation and use of this website, confers the condition of user, for which all the Conditions established herein are accepted, as long as the navigation on the website is started, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding regulations mandatory legal provisions, if applicable. The user assumes responsibility for the correct use of this website. This responsibility extends to:

Use this website only to consult information, make reservations for seats available in published games, create games, manage reservations and make payments;

Use this website exclusively through the interfaces provided for this purpose;

Do not make false or fraudulent bookings/purchases. If a purchase of this nature is considered to have been made, it may be canceled and the competent authorities informed;

Provide real and legal contacts, eg email address, mobile phone and/or other information.

Account Registration

Registration is carried out through an online form in which the User fills in the required mandatory data (specifically: first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number). Completing the Registration form and forwarding it to Play Bonito constitutes a mere offer by the User to Play Bonito to conclude a contract for the use of the Play Bonito Platform. The Agreement then arises only when Play Bonito activates the User's Account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Activation"). When the Registration is not fully completed (for example, because a mandatory field is not filled in or the Terms and Conditions are not accepted or the Privacy Statement is not recognised), no Contract will be generated between the User and Play Bonito. Upon completion of Registration, the User may use the Play Bonito Platform unlimitedly, subject to these Terms and Conditions. In the absence of a registration, the Play Bonito platform can only be used to a very limited extent.

Account Deletion

Contracts are for an indefinite period. Both parties have the right at any time to terminate the contract. The User may request via email to Play Bonito (info@playbonito.com) the deletion of their account. Deletion of a User account, in addition to termination, is covered by the Privacy Statement. In any case, the contract is deemed to be terminated simultaneously. If the User notifies the termination, all of his previously created reservations and games will expire. If Play Bonito terminates the Contract, Play Bonito will endeavor to ensure that the User can still enjoy the reservations and created games that the User has scheduled.

Reservations and Game Creation

Booking Confirmation

By booking an available seat in a game, the user accepts the respective prices announced or registered in the system, as well as the game rules and any possible rules applicable by the club of the sports facilities where the game takes place. After making the reservation, the user will receive a confirmation by email.

Game creation

When creating a private game, the user takes care of the field reservation and accepts the game rules previously defined by Play Bonito and any possible rules applicable by the club of the sports facilities where the game takes place. When creating a private game, the user fills in all the mandatory data related to the game: modality, level, value of ins

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